Radio and Digital Advertising Services

Media: Are you paying too much?


You may be surprised to know that most media - TV, Radio, Print, and Digital rates and "packages" are negotiable. Highly negotiable. Many businesses who purchase media directly from the station or source overpay for these services. Our team at Well Versed Media has the experience and knowledge to negotiate favorable  rates and pricing for our clients. This gives you an advantage by  getting more media for less money.  Our team has created hundreds of media campaigns including branding, direct response, lead generation, and more. And it doesn't stop there. We consider  our clients partners. We continuously monitor and collaborate with  you to  insure your campaign delivers results.

Digital Marketing: Not all products are the same!


Not all digital products are the same! Well Versed Media digital employs specialized solutions to reach your customers, 

 Geofencing, Geofence retargeting, Residential Geofencing, . We serve more devices than our competitors! Geofence events such as concerts, sports, trade shows etc. Serve ad's to your potential customers! We specialize in digital advertising and social media marketing and consulting Reinforce the message with retargeted ads that are 8 times more likely to be activated.  

Need SEO services or SEM? We know how to move your company to the top of the search, expanding  your businesses exposure on the web.  Our team will not only create a comprehensive list of keywords to make your company more visible in searches. We also employ negative keywords to insure the right "clicks" are going to your website. 

Menu of Services


Broadcast Media

  • Radio advertising 
  • Endorsement radio
  • Radio planning
  • Creating radio and TV commercials
  • Producing TV and pre-roll commercials

Digital Services

  • Geofence marketing and advertising
  • Site Retargeting
  • OTT Television advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Behavorial Targeting
  • Reputation Management
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Instagram advertising 
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Channel Targeting
  • Keyword search retargeting
  • Contextual Keywords
  • Social Posting 
  • Native Advertising
  • Website creation 
  • Waze Advertising
  • Tell Advertising
  • Pre-Roll
  • True view video